A marvelous app for collecting homework.

Students submit online

Provide students with an assignment link and they may upload their submission directly to Classhand. It's simple and keeps your inbox clean.

Grade your way

Uploaded homework submissions are conveniently organized and packaged for you to download. Or grade online with rubrics.


Classhand is designed to solve a simple problem, homework collection. We're friendly to all other course management software.

How it works

Create an assignment with the press of a button. Every assignment has a submission page, share this page with your students. Students can upload their homework in any format you request.

You can see when your students submitted their homework and download the submissions.

Stay organized, simply

Instead of students filling your inbox with assignments or using unwieldy software that doesn't fit your workflow, use Classhand to organize homework submissions.

Download all submissions at once, organized by student name, in a single zip file. Grade them your way, whether that's by hand, with a TA, or something else.

Plays well with others

There's no need to change how you grade and record homework assignments. Classhand collects and organizes homework without forcing you to use any particular program for recording grades. We work great with Blackboard, Numbers, Excel, org-mode, and other applications.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about Classhand, please contact